Thoughts on Life

When Inauthenticity Creeps Back In

July 01, 2015 Cameron Picardi

There are days when an old friend comes back into my life and reminds me of how easy it is to start living inauthentically. The fake smiles, the empty conversations, the surge of energy that comes from within-it leaves my heart pounding louder than a drum line. It takes a moment to get grounded after that whirlwind of an interaction stirs me into a chaotic spin. Luckily, being surrounded by other authentic people helps me get grounded and return me to my inner calm. I find the following things helpful: -Reminding myself that the energy from inauthenticity is not sustainable -Checking...

How Veloce Hats Deals with Jerks

June 26, 2015 Cameron Picardi

Do you ever come across jerks? That was a rhetorical question. Of course you do. The world is filled with jerks. But why are some people jerks? and how should I respond to them? These are the two questions that I find myself pondering after a brief encounter with a really nasty jerk.  Living as my authentic self basically means having 24/7 vulnerability. Despite the obvious risks that come along with this sort of exposure I find myself continuously pursuing this lifestyle. That may sound a bit crazy, especially after today's incident, but it's true, and the reason that I...